Planning Committee

2024 Planning Committee Members
Thank you to all of the members that worked hard together
to bring back this wonderful and fun event on Lake Harding!

David Goodfellow - Planning committee event organizer | Website & Facebook admin (4 years)

Buddy Wallace - Host Venue - 219 On The Lake | Buddy is helping with sponsorships as well as hosting the event as his venue

Tyson Anthony - STOP coordinator - Modern Hops - The Pointe @ The GA Condos STOP host | Event Planner

Steve McCall - Photographer and Facebook content creator | Event Planner

Teri Goodfellow - Registration | Sponsorship organizer | Event planner

Marie Gill - T-shirt organizer & design | Best Boat & Best Stop organizer | Event Planner

John Gill - Poker Game organizer | Event Planner

other contributors:

Dave Arwood - PMB Broadcasting radio | Poker Run MC

Robert & Meredith Gnann - Poker Game judges

Contact us: