Safety Rules

1. This is NOT a race. Safety is the top priority of the Poker Run.

2. Always obey the rules of the water & safe boating operations.

3. Obey all No Wake Zones & keep a safe distance from other boats.

4. All Captains must abide by state Boating Safety Regulations.

5. Lake Harding Poker Run designated pre-registration numbers must be visible when approaching each stop.

6. Captains must use the kill switch safety lanyard during the Poker Run.

7. Select a Co-Captain to be a look out for other boats.

8. USCG approved vests must be on board for everyone on the boat at all times.

9. Limit your speed around congested areas.

10. All boats must be registered & provide proof of liability insurance.

11. All participants riding in the boat must sign the Event Liability Waiver.

12. Disobeying any of these rules may result in disqualification from the event.