Poker Run Safety Rules

  • 1. This is NOT a race. Safety is the top priority of the Poker Run.

  • 2. Always obey the rules of the water & safe boating operations. Obey all No Wake Zones & keep a safe distance from other boats.

  • 3. All Captain's must abide by state Boating Safety Regulations.

  • 4. Lake Harding Poker Run designated numbers must be visible when approaching each stop.

  • 5. Captains must use the kill switch safety lanyard during the Poker Run.

  • 6. Select a Co-Captain to be a look out for other boats.

  • 7. USCG approved vests must be on board for everyone on the boat at all times.

  • 8. Limit your speed to a max of 30 MPH around congested areas.

  • 9. All boats must be registered & provide proof of liability insurance.

  • 10. All participants riding in the boat must sign the Event Liability Waiver.

  • 11. Disobeying any of these rules may result in disqualification from the event.

  • 12. If you see any unsafe practices, please call the Lake Harding Marina at 706-984-0933.
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